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Freebie Friday!

Happy Friday friends! Today I am sharing a breathing visual I made through Board Maker Online as my freebie Friday resource.

Learning to take slow deep breaths can be tricky for children. I have found many children respond well to using a visual support to slow down and count out how many breaths they need to take. I will model bringing the deep breath visual to my lips, taking a deep breath in, and a deep breath out to blow the visual onto the number.

When we are stressed we find it extremely difficult to take on new information, or implement a new skill. Therefore, I recommend teaching your child about deep breaths when they are calm. Providing the opportunity for lots of practise while they are calm is also a great idea.

Print the images below, cut out and laminate the deep breath pictures and add velcro strips to make your own breathing visual.

I hope you find it helpful for teaching your child how to take calming deep breaths.