Freebie Friday

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has officially rolled out in Brisbane. Preparing for your planning meeting may seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. Thankfully, there are some great free resources available to support you in preparing for your child's NDIS planning meeting.

The NDIS provides three participant booklets providing an overview of the NDIS scheme, a pre-planning booklet and information on how to use your NDIS plan. Their website also provides a number of information sheets and videos explaining different aspects of the funding scheme.

The Endeavour Foundation has provided some great videos that run through the NDIS planning process and provide strategies for how to prepare for your NDIS planning meeting. They also provide a free pre-planning book for you to use to collate information about your child, their support needs, and the support needs that your child is likely to have in the future.

Choice, Passion, Life (CPL) also provides a NDIS pre-planning booklet to support with collating information about your child and their support needs for the NDIS planning meeting.

Using a pre-planning document may be helpful for you to:

1. Collate information about your child, and how their disability impacts their participation in everyday activities.

2. What supports your child currently accesses.

3. What supports your child requires, but can not currently access.

4. What supports your child is likely to need in the future.

I hope the information helps to reduce some of the stress in the pre-planning process.

If you would like further information on preparing for your NDIS meeting please feel welcome to contact the Tools 4 Life Team.